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Our Video Services

Video is fast becoming the most effective marketing tool there is; it accounts for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic and is proven to help boost conversion rates, grow brands' revenue faster and enable consumers to retain 95% more information about your business than if they had read it.

So, whatever your business, you need video - and High Peak Productions are here to help!

Our Process


Whether you come to us with a fully formed video brief, or need help with coming up with creative concepts that will help to make your brand or organisation stand out - we can guide you through every stage of pre-production. 

This process can include, (but is not limited to): filling out briefing documents, storyboarding, deciding on your chosen look and tone, writing scripts, selecting presenters or voice over artists, planning shoots and prepping contributors.


Now for the fun part! Shoot days are always full on and action packed! Whether it be a half day filming in your offices for your new corporate video, a documentary taking the audience behind the scenes, a creative product launch, or a studio shoot for interviews and pieces to camera, no two days are alike and therefore we plan each one meticulously in order to maximise our productivity and get the very most out of our time and your budget. 


Sometimes, such as at sporting events, we have to shoot everything live and as it happens, but generally we like to shoot things a number of times and in different ways, so as to get the very best shots and interviews that we can. 


Our post-production prices will always include one full edit of your video(s) and then one round of changes, after you and your team have reviewed the first draft and returned it with your notes and edits. 

Another area in which we can support you in post production is with out Digital Strategy services. The last thing we want is to produce you a brilliant piece of content that doesn't give you the results you want, due to poor engagement on your social channels or issues with your website. We can support you to update your digital strategy and increase your engagement and brand awareness, so that when your content lands, it finds its audience and makes the impact it should.


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